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Intermediate English

A course designed for those with elementary proficiency. Students at the Intermediate English level:

  • can ask for directions and manage simple situations, such as shopping, ordering a meal at a restaurant, or buying a train/bus ticket;
  • can give basic personal information, including occupation or pastimes;
  • can read simple texts, with the help of a dictionary;
  • have limited grammar and vocabulary;
  • can engage in simple conversation, but find sustained conversation difficult;
  • can write short, simple messages (e.g., postcard, email);
  • can understand some radio/TV broadcasts, especially on familiar topics; and
  • are more likely to be understood by people accustomed to working with foreign speakers (e.g., teachers, airline agents).

Classes meet at our offices 2 hours once a week for 12 weeks.

Please contact us for details regarding schedule and price.

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Posted by Yasuhisa.K on
Hello, this is Yasuhisa.K.
I'm interested in ELS course.

Please let me know...
How can I allly it?
When can I join it?
How to choose the suitable course for me?
How much is fee for each course?
How long is one period of each course?

Thank you&Best Regards.
Posted by Naoya Kawagoshi on
Hi, I'm Naoya.
I'm now working Japanese manufacturer's subsidiary in the US with American employees, though I have a lot of difficulties to communicate with them especially when we face the business issue.
I can speak easy English and express my thought in a short sentence, but I have always trouble to understand our communication when they speak long sentence with the difficulty word for me.
And also, I am VP sales of my company's, so people want me to solve their issue, but I cannot help them enough due to my lack of speaking and hearing my English skills!
I need to improve myself immediately, so please recommend me your solutions.
And provide information the each class's schedule and expenses.

Thank you.

Posted by 1348 on
I think it takes a while to get it right, because you need to much exercise in listening, reading, speaking,and writing,so comprehension is too important to have a good communication with others.
Posted by Mercedes O' on
Hi! I'm Mercedes and I'm very interested to learn English . I would like have more information about how much will the fee, and also I will love to know about the hours and days.

thank you

Mercedes O'
Posted by Takuya on
I have moved to USA since last year.
I am interested in taking English class.
Could you tell me about your English lessons in detail?
What time? How much is each lesson?
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