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Summit Language Institute:  What We Believe

Small, Integrated Classes

Language is best learned by doing. The more practice and opportunity to use the new language, the quicker it will be learned, and the easier it will become. Some ESL classes have 25 – 30 or more people in them, making it difficult to give everybody a chance to participate. In other ESL classes, the teacher lectures for the entire session, never giving students any practice time in class.

We believe that a small class size is essential for maximum learning to take place. At Summit Language Institute, class size is limited to 10 people. This creates a relaxed atmosphere, which in turn encourages students to participate at a level comfortable for them. The class also integrates speaking, listening, reading, and writing, so the students have ample opportunity to practice English with each other before they go out into the "real world" to use what they've just learned.

A Level for Everybody

We believe that every person is unique. Each person arrives at Summit Language Institute with a certain level of knowledge of English. To provide the right mix of familiarity and challenge, we strive to match English instruction with the student's ability so the student will experience genuine growth right from the start. Thus, classes are grouped according to ability. An interview and/or placement test will determine whether Beginning ESL, Intermediate ESL, or Advanced ESL is right for you.

Since every person is unique, this also means that each person has his own learning style that is best for him. Accordingly, we recognize that effective teaching will utilize a variety of teaching methods to help each student understand, practice, and remember the concepts being taught.

Teaching Methods Utilized

As mentioned above, every person is different. Thus, we use various teaching methods to reinforce the concepts being taught. The more ways a subject is approached, the easier it becomes both to learn and to remember. Some methods that we use are:

  • Audio/visual – TV, movies, songs
  • Games
  • Comics
  • etc.

These different methods are excellent supplements to the many fine textbooks and English resources which are used in class. The result is a well-rounded, comprehensive approach to learning the English language.


Comparison of Summit Language Institute and Other ESL Programs
Features of ESL Programs College ESL Program Summit Language Institute
Teaching experience Yes/No Yes
Personal relationship with students Yes/No Yes
Knowledge of culture Depends Yes
Availability outside of class No Yes
Counseling Yes/No Yes
Bi- or Tri-lingual Rarely Yes
Experience teaching all levels No Yes
Classroom Setting:
Audiovisual Rarely Yes
Small class size No Yes
Variety in learning/teaching methods No Yes
Focus on conversation No Yes
Fun No Yes
Curriculum Flexibility:
Textbooks No Yes
Class hour No Yes
Courses No Yes
Reasonable cost for tuition No Yes


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